Renovation Plan

Renovation Plan

Under a standard JCT contract, you must arrange joint name cover for both the existing structure and the contract works when renovating a property. It is a common misconception that the contractor’s insurance policy automatically covers you for everything, and this misconception can cause big problems.

At Aston Scott, we’re experienced in creating joint name insurance policies that give you the peace of mind you need. We can also help you to adjust any existing policies you have to meet all the requirements of a typical JCT contract.

We also own Renovation Plan, an online insurance facility for renovation works up to a contract value of around £500,000.

If you would like to discuss property renovation insurance with us, please peak to one our Renovation Plan team: 03300085012


Under our Renovation Plan we can cover a wide range of projects both minor and major can be considered including renovations, conversions, new builds or properties simply being extended. We can also cover commercial as well as residential properties.

We can look to provide cover using our Renovation Plan product for the new works being undertaken as well as the existing property, the materials that are on the site and should you need it we can cover machinery, tools and contents.

We can still provide cover under our Renovation Plan scheme should you wish to do the work yourself.   We would suggest, however, that if you do use a contractor for any part of the project that you ensure that they have Public Liability insurance cover of at least £2M

Yes, £2M Public Liability cover is automatically included on our Renovation Plan product.   If you will be using contractors at all you shouldn’t require Employers’ Liability but if you are unsure or have any questions then please speak to us.

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