Events Insurance

Stakes are high when businesses or organisations put together creative and complex events, whether you’re raising awareness, or simply raising funds. You’re making a huge financial investment, and it’s essential that you’re covered should anything go wrong.

So what are your financial exposures? 

As a company, your public liability insurance may provide adequate cover, but this might not necessarily be the case. As an individual, any household or private cover you may have will almost certainly fail to insure you appropriately.

In addition to potential liabilities, you should also consider your potential financial losses if the event has to be cancelled, curtailed or abandoned.

Outside events are particularly susceptible to the weather, and, given that July and August have a reputation in recent times for being two of the wettest months in the UK, Summer events are no guarantee of success. The financial consequences of cancellations can be hugely damaging – but can be easily avoided with the right insurance.

How can Aston Scott help?

We can build coverage that protects you if your event is cancelled, stopped – or in other eventualities. This can include non-appearance of key speakers or performers, and adverse weather for outdoor events.

Cover is available on a per event basis, or for those with significant programmes of events, an annual policy can be arranged.

For more information about the event insurance cover available, speak to a member of our Events team: 03300085004

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