Top gadgets and gizmos for chauffeurs

Whether you are a self-employed driver who owns or is leasing the vehicles you use, or whether you are employed by an individual or private hire car company, there are any number of gadgets and gizmos designed to make your time behind the wheel safer and to help you do your job more effectively.

Here is just a selection of a few of them:


In-car heads-up display (HUD)

These project onto your windscreen real time information and data about a whole host of items – details about the journey, fuel consumption, engine performance and your driving behaviour. Because they project the information directly onto your windscreen, HUDs provide you all the information you need without you having to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.

Your chauffeur insurance provider might also have struck a deal about the installation of “black box” telematics in your vehicle, in return for more affordable premiums, and the real-time information provided by telematics may be projected via your HUD – ensuring that you comply with whatever conditions that might have been incorporated into your insurance terms and conditions. If you want to learn more about the way in which telematics might impact on insurance for chauffeurs, you might want to consult a specialist provider of chauffeurs’ insurance.

Drop Stop Organiser

Drop Stop Organiser is a handy gadget for chauffeurs, which doesn’t have to be high-tech, though some come cheap and are very simple. A classic in terms of in-car accessories is the simple drop stop, which typically provides an addition to the centre console by filling the gap between the car’s two front seats. It remains one of the best places to store coins or other small items which might otherwise roll into the passenger area of your car or into some awkward to reach crevice;

Luggage straps

Another handy, cheap and effective accessory to keep in your car is designed to keep secure any luggage, shopping or other items your passenger might put on the seat next to them. The straps are really no more than a mini seat belt, but are effective in protecting fragile items from shifting and breaking or liquids from spilling.

Anti-sleep/anti-doze alarms

From the almost frivolous gadgets to the deadly serious risks of falling asleep or dozing at the wheel. Helping to protect you and your passengers from a potentially fatal accident, cheaper devices may be worn as a simple headset that detects when your head drops into a sleeping or dozing position. Some More sophisticated devices can continuously monitor the electroconductivity of your skin and are said to detect the changes in brain activity when you begin to doze off.

In-car air humidifier/purifier

If you’re a chauffeur, you probably want something a tad classier than a dangly air-freshener, free from the garage after the last service. There are some that (QRITY Car Aroma Diffuser Humidifier ) not only provide a genuine aromatherapy diffusion – with your own chosen essential oils – but also humidifies the air, helping to take the dryness out of the air you and your passengers are breathing, so reducing the possibility of sore throats, sinuses and itchy skin.

There are hundreds of gadgets and gizmos that might make your job as a chauffeur easier and safer and your passengers more comfortable – these are just a few of them.

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