Super lorry set for Britain

The latest report on the UK logistics industry by the Freight Transport Association (FTA) for 2016 underlined a basic conundrum – economic growth generates an ever greater demand for the movement of goods, the number of new Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) being registered continues to grow, yet the price paid by the population at large is ever increasing congestion on the roads and fears of pollution from HGVs driven in highly-populated areas.

Super lorries

One of the ways of meeting the conflicting demands of moving more freight, without adding to congestion, is the use of much larger lorries – super lorries.

An example of just such a monster has recently been demonstrated in the UK, according to a report by the BBC on the 10th of May 2017. At 25 metres (some 84ft) in length, it clearly earns its title as a super lorry.

Although local legislation permits its use on the roads in some parts of Europe, this size HGV is currently illegal in the UK, where the maximum length of any 5-axle, 40-ton articulated truck and trailer is limited to 16.5 metres (just over 54ft) and road train to a maximum 61ft 6in.

Fit for UK roads?

Before the law is changed to accommodate the use of such super lorries on British roads, it clearly needs to be shown that it is safe to do so.

In the context of road safety, lorry or HGV insurance also plays a fundamental role.

Insurance for transportation and logistics is already an involved and complicated subject and the introduction of bigger freight vehicles – of the size of a super lorry – is likely to make the challenge for insurers still greater.

But if such vehicles are indeed the shape of things to come, you may want to make sure that the insurance provider you choose is one that already remains several steps ahead of the game and is able to respond quickly and efficiently to the changing patterns of use and composition of your vehicle fleet.

Whether you have in mind insurance for a super lorry one day or are currently in search of lorry, HGV, truck or commercial van insurance, you might already be homing in on a specialist provider with the expertise and experience to tailor the available insurance products – and the new ones that come onto the market – to suit your precise, individual needs and requirements.

The risks involved in any part of the transportation and logistics industry are many and varied. They extend from third party liabilities to loss or damage to the cargo you are carrying; from errors and omissions to your responsibilities for controlling emissions and pollution; and many other potential risks.

One of your defences against potentially highly damaging risks and perils is your lorry or HGV insurance, so it is vital that you get it right, leaving nothing to chance, but to be guided by an experienced insurance broker.

Indeed, your choice of a specialist broker may also give you access to other essential services related to your haulage operations – such as the independent checking of drivers’ licences, driver training, driver evaluation and even advice and guidance on appropriate driver handbooks.

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