The importance of chauffeur car insurance

A chauffeur is no ordinary driver – and this is reflected in both the job that is done and the insurance needed to protect the chauffeur’s livelihood and the vehicle he or she drives.

What puts the chauffeur in a class apart?

  • They are not an ordinary motorist, using the car for social, domestic and pleasure or their own business purposes;
  • the moment a chauffeur accepts a fare-paying passenger, both the driver and the vehicle need a public service vehicle (PSV) licence allowing its use for hire and reward; but
  • neither is the chauffeur the driver of public service vehicles such as taxis or cabs for private hire;
  • unlike the driver of a taxi (or hackney carriage) the chauffeur does not stop to accept fares along the road or at taxi ranks;
  • neither is the chauffeur like the driver of a cab for private hire – where fares must be prebooked and paid on the spot at the conclusion of each journey;
  • instead, the chauffeur typically charges through the issue of an invoice, with no money changing hands between the driver and its passengers in the car;
  • there is rarely any need for a two-way radio onboard the chauffeur’s vehicle; and
  • there are more general differences in the type of passenger by whom the chauffeur is employed.

In short, the chauffeur’s passengers are likely to be executives (maybe even VIPs), celebrities bound for some red-carpet gala, a bride on the way to get married, or other wedding guests. In keeping with these kinds of events, the vehicle driven by a chauffeur is typically an executive or luxury car.

Insurance for chauffeurs

Chauffeurs’ insurance recognises these important differences in the job done by the chauffeur, the kind of passenger they usually carry and the type of vehicle they are expected to drive. These are just some of the critical differences, recognised by us here at Aston Scott, that distinguish the chauffeur from other drivers.

Private hire chauffeur insurance recognises that the vehicle being driven is still one licensed for private hire, it carries fare-paying passengers and, by law, requires at least a minimum level of third party insurance cover (but is also more likely to have comprehensive insurance cover against all forms of accidental damage).

Regular motor insurance extends cover to any passengers of the insured vehicle. In the case of insurance for chauffeurs, it might be argued that the type of passenger usually carried – on special occasions, in a luxury or executive vehicle – the importance of that protection is even more important. It may be a safeguard that chauffeur-driven passengers are more likely to check.

That is not to say that the chauffeur-driven car is never involved in an accident. Of course, they may happen. And when they do, you might want the full accident management service some policies may offer, together with the provision of a like for like replacement vehicle and recovery of your uninsured losses (such as your excess, in the event of a no-fault accident).

If you are thinking of becoming a chauffeur or already appreciate the differences that mark you and your vehicle out from other drivers, why not give us a call on 03300 085045 and discuss your need for chauffeur insurance with our team of experts here at Aston Scott.

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