Decrease in road accidents

Good news was reported in an article published by Fleet News on the 22nd of January 2018– road accidents have fallen by some 10% in the past five years or so.

Quoting past forecasts by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and consultants KPMG, the article attributed at least part of this welcome decline to the wide spread use of automatic, self-sensing safety systems in as many as seven in every ten cars currently rolling off production lines.

Collision warning systems, overtaking (blindspot) sensors, autonomous emergency braking (AEB) systems, adaptive cruise control and parking aids are all examples of the new breed of technology currently installed. An estimated 1.8 million new vehicles have one or more of these safety devices installed as standard or as an optional extra – an increase in onboard technology that has shot up by some 20% over the previous 12 months.

This comes as good news for all road users, of course, but there is a further bonus for anyone who owns a car or earns their living from driving. The latest reports suggest that there could be annual savings through average journey times, fuel consumed, parking and insurance costs, and taken together, these might achieve savings for all road users of as much as £40 billion – and an estimated total benefit to the national economy of around £51 billion.


Earn your living as a chauffeur?


If you earn your living as a chauffeur, you are likely to be as pleased as anyone by the reduction in road traffic accidents that appears to have been promoted by the widespread use of onboard safety systems and devices.

You are also likely to welcome the overall reduction in journey times, enhanced fuel consumption figures and, of course, the possible knock-on effect of falling prices for your chauffeur’s insurance.

Fewer accidents mean fewer claims. And fewer claims on which insurers need to pay out usually means lower premiums have to be charged – so insurance for chauffeurs may also in time become cheaper.

But why wait until that comes about? You may help speed your way to lower premiums on your private hire insurance by paying closer attention to the way you drive, avoiding unnecessary accidents and damage to your vehicle, and so potentially earning yourself valuable no claims discounts for every year you remain claims free.

In the meantime, you might want to check and confirm that your chauffeur insurance continues to provide all the cover you need. The answer may not always be so crystal clear, so why not draw on the expertise and experience we have built up here at Aston Scott? It only takes a quick telephone call, on 03300 085045 – or just ask us to call you back – and we may be able to discuss with you all the many ways you may obtain precisely the cover you need – and you could start saving money on your private hire chauffeur insurance right now.

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Decrease in road accidents

Good news was reported in an article published by Fleet News on the 22nd of January 2018– road accidents have…

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