Chauffeur news – top five safest private hire vehicles revealed

Whether you are an individual professional chauffeur or a company providing chauffeured limousines, the safety of the people in your vehicles will no doubt be your top priority.

That’s exactly as it should be although in the past, it hasn’t always been easy to obtain objective safety statistics for vehicles across different marques.  Fortunately, the Euro NCAP organisation has just published its survey results (6th November 2017) offering a view of the top five safest private hire vehicles on the road.

In truth, the results perhaps won’t come as too much of a surprise in terms of the marques that are included.  Even so, it makes for interesting reading:

5. BMX Series 5;
4. Jaguar XF;
3. Mercedes E class;
2. Volvo V90;
1. Volvo S90.


The fact that Volvo can claim the top two spots for safety may surprise some but not others.

While the Swedish giant has long been known for its focus on quality and safety, it has perhaps sometimes suffered from a little oversight in the glamour stakes due to its exterior appearance. In the past, the marque has been described as “an acquired taste” in terms of such styling though it also has its devotees.

However, the survey clearly indicates that whether you like the shape or not, these models certainly are extremely safe vehicles for both driver and passengers.

Given the importance of the prestige limousine hire marketplace to car makers, it seems likely that the survey will be received extremely warmly by the above manufacturers.

Insurance implications

Insurance providers have always based at least part of their premium calculation on the perceived risks constituted by a given vehicle’s safety record.

This approach is based on market statistics and not any particular vehicle preferences or prejudices that might exist amongst insurance underwriters!

This is why such surveys are important.  Insurers may take note of them, and some may adjust their premiums accordingly when covering a vehicle that meets exemplary safety standards.

Other premium considerations

There are many other steps you can take if you are looking to keep the tightest possible management of your private hire chauffeur insurance costs.  For example:

  • you could restrict cover to named drivers as opposed to any driver;
  • it might be advisable to look carefully before trying to include some drivers under cover if they have serious motoring convictions (in some cases, some insurers might decline to offer cover if such convictions are sufficiently serious and relatively recent);
  • you may be able to ask for a higher voluntary excess on your policy, something that typically leads to a reduced premium.  This might apply whether you are a single driver and vehicle business or a large private hire company. Although it’s important to consider that a claim would then result in a higher excess cost.

An experienced provider of chauffeur insurance should always be able to offer a range of advice, guidance and options relating to how you might be able to reduce your premium.


After the publication of a survey such as this, it is traditional for other makers to respond by introducing new models that they claim will match or even exceed the safety standards of previous winners.

It will be interesting to see what happens in this case.

As a specialist chauffeur insurance broker, Aston Scott will be delighted to assist you with any questions arising from the above. Please contact us today on 03300 085045 to see how we can help.

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