Chauffeur news – Porsche tests PHEV chauffeur fleet in London

“Give the people chauffeurs” proclaimed a presentation by the American research company Ad Punctum in May of 2017.

It’s a call which luxury manufacturer Porsche seems to have taken very much on board as it launches a fleet of plug-in hybrid vehicles for private executive hire throughout London, reported Fleet World in December 2017.

Whilst examining the market for on-demand, chauffeur-driven cars as an alternative to private car ownership, Ad Punctum’s presentation found that the total daily average travelling time by car in the UK is only one hour – it is used for only one-tenth of the day. Yet the costs of ownership are high, with depreciation accounting for almost half of that cost and insurance responsible for the next most significant expense.

Chauffeur-driven private hire

Ad Punctum’s research speaks volumes for the potential demand for alternatives for private car ownership – and, instead, an increasing use of chauffeur-driven private hire vehicles.

If you are interested in operating a private hire operation – using high-end vehicles such as Porsches or an altogether more modest marque – you still need insurance for chauffeurs’ insurance, of course.

Private hire chauffeur insurance in a nutshell

Motor insurance is a legal necessity for anyone driving a motor vehicle on the roads or in any other public space. The moment you start accepting fare-paying passengers for private hire, however, regular motor insurance is no longer suitable, and you must have purpose-designed private hire chauffeur insurance – when the vehicle is used for hire or reward, any other insurance becomes invalid.

Private hire insurance may be used for a single vehicle – one you operate for your own business or to work for a larger company – or to cover a whole vehicle fleet operated by a major private hire operator, with those running five or more cars who may qualify for fleet discounts.

You may also earn generous discounts on premiums for your chauffeur insurance by restricting the driving of your private hire vehicles to named drivers only.

To save still more money, remember that private hire insurance can attract valuable no claims discounts – in just the same way as your regular motor insurance.

Aston Scott, are here to help. A number of our chauffeurs and private hire insurance packages may ensure that if the worst comes to the worst and an accident takes your private hire car temporarily off the road, that the wheels of your business keep turning by providing replacement vehicles – whether the accident was your fault or not.

Whether you are operating a plug-in hybrid fleet of high-end Porsches or a single, modest, conventionally-powered car, here at Aston Scott we believe we have established an enviable reputation for and expertise in the provision of private hire chauffeur insurance. If you want to discover how that knowledge and experience may help to safeguard your own private hire operations, why not give us a call, on 03300 085045, today.

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