Chauffeur car insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs chauffeur insurance?

As a chauffeur, you are driving a car carrying passengers for hire and reward.

Regular motor insurance – whether for social, domestic and pleasure purposes or for business use – specifically excludes driving the vehicle with fare-paying passengers on board.

If you have only regular insurance and not purpose-designed insurance for chauffeurs, therefore, your cover becomes invalid, and you are likely to be guilty of driving an uninsured vehicle – for which the legal penalties are severe.

How do I recognise a good chauffeur insurance policy?

When you arrange chauffeur insurance, you are looking for cover that protects you, the vehicle you are driving and your livelihood as a professional driver.

Your search is likely to be guided by the range of features offered by any policy, the extent to which it meets all of your needs, requirements and circumstances and its cost.

Weighing up all of these factors is no easy matter and one for which you might want to consult experts with extensive experience on the subject of private hire chauffeur insurance – specialists such as ourselves here at Aston Scott.

How much does it cost?

There are no fixed rates when it comes to insurance for chauffeurs.

You are doing a specialist job. As an article in Saga magazine (updated on the 3rd of March 2017) puts it, you are paid to drive rich and important people around in luxury cars – only the most professionally competent chauffeurs are likely to make a successful living from doing so.

Chauffeur insurance needs to be tailored to your personal requirements as such a professional driver – and the rate you pay reflects the nature of your job.

How does it protect my livelihood?

As a chauffeur, you earn your living by carrying fare-paying passengers. If your vehicle is involved in an accident, it is likely to be temporarily out of action and you, therefore, stand to lose the income you might otherwise have earned.

The chauffeurs’ insurance policies we arrange here at Aston Scott could potentially make provision for a replacement, like for like vehicle that is appropriately licensed for your private hire work, so that you may continue to earn your living.

Do you cover my area?

When you applied for your vehicle’s private hire licence, it was issued by and valid for use only in the area covered by the relevant local authority (or in the capital, by Transport for London).

The private hire chauffeur insurance policies we arrange are valid wherever you live and work, providing the cover you need for chauffeuring jobs anywhere in the UK.

Why choose Aston Scott?

We are independent insurance brokers, with 13 branch offices throughout the UK, employing over 260 members of staff.

We have developed a qualified and professional team with specific expertise in arranging private hire insurance for a wide range of businesses, including chauffeurs. With the help of experience such as this, you may rest assured that any chauffeur insurance quotation we offer is tailored to meet your specific, individual needs and requirements as a chauffeur.

To find out more and to discuss the way in which chauffeurs’ insurance may protect you and your livelihood, why not give us a call today on 03300 085045.

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