Low income and debt are keyworries in the motortrade

Despite a dip in car sales during 2017, most car dealers and others working in the motor trade remain optimistic about the prospects of the industry in 2018, reported Motor Trader magazine on the 5thof January 2018.

However, that does not mean that there are not pockets of financial distress and difficulty in certain areas of the motor trade industry. In a piece dated the 23rdof February 2018, the same online magazine Motor Trader highlighted the difficulties encountered by many working in this sector of the economy as they struggle to manage debt against a background of relatively low incomes.

The picture is painted by reports from a non-profit organisation called Ben– set up to provide support and advice for those working in the motor industry.

The support is available through Ben’s website, which has seen the recent introduction of two new online tools designed to help those who may be struggling to manage their debts and get back on their feet financially once again.

One tool – the Turn2us Benefits Calculator – allows a visitor to the website to check whether they are claiming all of the social security benefits to which they may be entitled. The other is a tool – the Turn2us Grant Search Tool – provides free search facilities of the types of grant and other sources of financial support which may be available to them.

Studies have estimated that more than £10 billion in benefits go unclaimed each year in the UK by working-age families and pensioners. In the 12 months to March 2017, says Motor Trader, Ben helped people claim nearly £1 million of that previously untapped assistance.


Aston Scott supports Ben

As a leading provider of insurance for motor traders and with our breadth of experience across a range of aspect of the motor trade, Aston Scott stands right behind the goals and objectives of Ben – finding ways to promote people’s health and well-being: physical, mental, financial and social.

Our support is no empty gesture but is backed by our active participation in some of the major fund-raising events that are held for the benefit of Ben. Last year, for example, our hand-picked team of heroes put aside for a few days the business of arranging motor trade insurance to complete a fund-raising rally from the UK to the Alps and back.

Not only did our “Aston Powers – Insurance man of Mystery” team members make it there and back in – more or less – one piece, they gathered a total of £1,900 in donations along the way too. And still managed to top that up with the proceeds from the eventual sale of the car they had used on their European adventure.

When we are not engaged in raising funds for the charity Ben, of course, our team of experts is hard at work arranging the motor trade insurance that helps to keep our many customers in business. So, if you have any questions about how we may help safeguard your particular enterprise, just give us a call today on 03300 085045 to find out more.

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